Trademark Registration

Know Trademark

A trademark can be any word, name, symbol, or device capable of distinguish the goods or services of one person from those of others, and it may include shape of goods, their packaging and even combination of colours.

It includes a brand name, a house mark, and even a service mark. It may be an insignia, label, name, sign, logo, device, signature, numerals, packaging, shape of goods, colour combination etc.

In other words, it is a visual symbol used in related to any goods or services that indicate some kind of trade connection between the goods and services and the person using the mark. It usually identifies the product and acknowledges its unchanged quality and helps to advertise the products which help customer to identify. This gives the consumer satisfactory assurance of the quality of the article he is buying.

The duration of trademark is not limited and they may even last forever, subject to renewals at proper intervals.


Our Trademark practice includes but not limited to

  • Trade name / mark search


  • Filing new Trademark applications and prosecution till registration


  • Caution Notices


  • Opposition 


  • Trademark licensing and assignment


  • Trade mark infringement and litigation (if applicable)


A "trademark" is a word, name or symbol which is used to identify particular products or services offer by a particular manufacturer or from a particular source. The trademark distinguishes and authenticates a product of a particular manufacturer from similar products offered by others. The owner of a Trademark has the right to prevent others from using the same or similar trademark on their products.

A "Service mark" is a form of trademark that is used in the sale or advertising of services. The service mark distinguishes the services offered by one business from similar services offered by other businesses.