Patent Right

Patent Right

Patent Registration

A patent is rights providing the inventor and/or the applicant with the right to prevent others from exploiting the invention mentioned in the patent. The monopoly is granted for maximum 20 years by the state in return for a full disclosure of the invention.

Without a patent the inventor or the applicant would not be able to prevent others from copying the invention. Ignorance that you are infringing someone else patents is no defense.

For society, the value of the patent bargain is that it encourages the investment and the application of the skills necessary to generate and disseminate new technologies, processes and products.

Patents are concerned with the functional and technical aspects of products, processes, and uses. To qualify for patent protection:

A Patent is an exclusive right granted to a person who has invented a new and useful article or an improvement of an existing article or a new process of making an article. The exclusive right is to manufacture the new process of making an article invented or manufacture an article according to invented process for a limited period. During the term of the patent the owner of the patent, i.e. the patentee can prevent any other person from using the patented invention. After the expiry of the duration of the patent anybody can make use of the invention. The invention then becomes part of the public domain