Desgin Right

Desgin Right

Filling Requirement of Desgin Right


  1. Full names and addresses of Applicant as well as Designer .
  2. ame of Article to which a design is applied 
  3. Details of Convention Priority, if any- first filed country, filing number and date; the term of priority is six (6) months.
  4. Shape, pattern, and/or color may be protected individually or in combination



  1. Power of Attorney (neither notarization nor consular legalization required) to be executed by an individual or a representative of a corporation. 

  2. Certified copy of the application which is the basis of the Convention priority (if applicable) may be filed within three (3) months from the Indian filing date.



  1. Perspective view in addition to six directional views (front, rear, right side, left side, upper, and bottom views).

  2. Photographs are acceptable.

  3. No shadings.

  4. Prepared in triplicate, size-A4 with margins for specifications